Our Camp welcomes African children!

The Program

During their stay, the children will be trained by highly skilled professionals both in the sport and the educational aspects.

Our soccer coaches are all highly qualified personnel. They belong to Fundación Real Madrid Soccer Schools and are specialists in sports training. They have been taught to play and improve the style of the participants, but more importantly, teach teamwork.

The program, focused on the comprehensive training of participants, has four main areas:

Training sessions at the Campus Experience consist of:

Typical Day

Training contents

Following are a typical day activities (subject to change)


08:00 Breakfast and brush teeth

09:00 Football theory

10:30 Training (Valdebebas)

12:30 Snack

12:45 Campus Experience Activity

14:00 Lunch and brush teeth

15:00 Campus Experience Activity

15:30 Swimming

17:15 Training (Valdebebas)

18:45 Shower and snack

19:00 Campus Experience Activity

20:15 Call the family

21:00 Dinner and brush teeth

22:00 Campus Experience Activity

23:00 Bed